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Cutting edge search functionality

AI Image search
Search as you type
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AI Image search

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Instant results on every key press

Completion suggestions appear in real time while typing

Typos are not a problem

Did you mean something else?

Dictating a query or scanning a barcode is always faster!

Free-text queries can now produce relevant results

Advanced Marketing tools

Configurable scoring
Product pinning / hiding
Banner Campaigns
Landing Pages

Boost/demote any set of items inside the search results, using simple or complex rules.

Get the preferred results where you want them to be.

Enrich the result set with configurable banners

Easily create custom website pages with hand-crafted product collections

Resulting in...

Catalog discoverability
10 %
Lightning fast response times
0 ms
Search conversion rate
0 %

Trusted by popular brands & websites

Easy as pie

Fully customizable

No hidden costs

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