Unleash the Power of Visual Discovery

AI Image Search is here!

Empower customers online, in-store, or anywhere in between to find what they love, instantly and visually, with Findbar Image Search.

Let them forget the text struggles and snap a pic to discover similar products in a flash!

Losing omnichannel fashion sales because…?

Customer spotted some fabulous shoes on social media or out and about and was wondering if you have these or similar designs available in your online store
Shopper loves a specific shirt, but struggle to describe it through text
Customer spots product in closed store window, but can’t search online
Salesperson needs to find a similar product quickly for a customer
How Findbar Image Search works:

User Uploads an image of anything – a product screenshot, a fashion inspiration pic, even a competitor’s item.

Gets Instant Results: Our AI engines scan your product catalog, pinpointing visually similar items with blazing-fast speed (under 100ms).

Refines Results: Found something interesting in a text search? Click the image search icon and discover visually similar variations.

Why add Image Search?

Want to improve

your website’s search experience & sales?

Easy as pie

Fully customizable

No hidden costs

Team up with Findbar and offer cutting-edge search functionality to your customers

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