Bare Mental P.C. is a company focused on providing innovative and technologically advanced digital tools to website owners.

Findbar is our answer to the problem of efficient navigation through constantly growing information. As the traditional, monolithic category listing approach is reaching its limits, the necessity of providing users with a more efficient tool to find what they are looking for is becoming more and more prominent.

Using state of the art language processing routines combined with home-grown ML models and powerful business-oriented merchandising tools, we are constantly improving user experience and catalog discoverability, serving the most accurate results for every query.

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Findbar is the leading SaaS provider, specializing in on-site search solutions that are transforming the eCommerce and website search experience.

Our state-of-the-art technology empowers businesses to elevate their sales, enhance user engagement, and optimize the overall site search functionality.

At Findbar, we’ve already earned the trust of over 80 industry-leading companies in less than 24 months, including prominent players like Cosmote, Cosmos Sport, Spitishop, Funky Buddha, and many more.

Our platform currently handles more than 10 million queries each month and offers a wide array of innovative features, including:

  • Search-as-you-type: Providing instant, real-time search results as users type.
  • Autocomplete: Offering intelligent suggestions to streamline the search process.
  • Configurable Scoring: Tailoring search results to match unique business needs.
  • Voice Search: Embracing cutting-edge technology for voice-activated searches.
  • Marketing tools: Enabling businesses to create targeted landing pages.

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