4 Best Practices for E-commerce-“Autocomplete” Functionality-

Following our latest article the “Autocomplete” functionality is a powerful tool in e-commerce, that can enhance user input and drive conversions. However, it requires careful consideration and implementation to create an intuitive search experience. 

In this blog post, we will explore four effective practices for optimizing e-commerce autocomplete, improving user satisfaction, and increasing conversions.

  1. Swift Autocomplete Functionality: Implement a lightning-fast autocomplete search feature to meet the expectations of today’s consumers. A quick response time ensures a seamless user experience, reduces bounce rates, and instills confidence in your store.
  2. User-Friendly Autocomplete List: Create a user-friendly autocomplete list that is concise and easy to navigate. Limit the number of suggestions to a dropdown list with no more than ten items to avoid overwhelming users. Ensure the list is fully visible on mobile devices and doesn’t require additional scrolling. Simplify the search experience by designing a clear and intuitive user interface.
  3. Enhance with Visuals: Incorporate appropriate visuals to improve the autocomplete experience. Use bold styling for suggested search terms and organize suggestions into sections based on categories or product types. Consider including product image thumbnails to help users quickly identify relevant items and discover new options.
  4. Merchandising Autocomplete Suggestions: Utilize autocomplete suggestions to highlight specific merchandise in your store. Showcase products from promoted brands, items on sale, or those with higher profit margins. Prioritize relevant products aligned with users’ search queries, and create custom pages featuring these products. This approach encourages cross-selling and up-selling, leading to increased conversions.


By following these four best practices, you can optimize your e-commerce autocomplete feature to provide a seamless search experience, improve user satisfaction, and drive conversions. Remember to prioritize speed, personalization, accuracy, and user-friendly design to make the most of this powerful tool in your e-commerce store.

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